quarta-feira, junho 07, 2006

grow it up!

That is the title's post, and that is what you (don't) have to say.

Grow your future up, little boy, didn't you already figured it up? You almost 24, Christ' sake!

That's what you take when you don't. That's the effect of something that hasn't anything about it does to you. Sensibility, HA! Look at your last post. It's chicken, you!

You saw the smoke on the water of lake of bodocongó. The most beautiful thing you ever see at this month (that just began). And you saw Spider-Man comics (which is fantastic). And you heard an underground disc that you didn't bought (well, wherelse would I find this? Whithout knowing it?!). And you had another nightcrawl.

And the result is this post! man...


Why are you doing this in english?


Are you trying to cover up your soul from your cowardy?


Have you been trying to be a better man this year?


What do you have to post today?


Have you ever noticed that the I-I-I thing you do in this blog bores more than anything else?

I did--

Have you even got the everlovin idea that "I" is the same fonetic thing than an "ai" scream???


What do you have to post today?

I can't help with not being me.


I just--

Shut up, man! Shame yourself! You're not--


I will not have a self-help conversation!


Look. If you have to cry, cry for the smoke. But don't... Can't you listen everybody yelling at you? Please... Don't give up!

Is that what you--?

Do. Not. Ever. Give up! Anymore!

I can't--

Don't you dare! Grow up, weirdo! Never ever give it up!

... ok.

Now close this and go to bed! And pray!

música do dia: Jorge Ben Jor & Gilberto Gil - Essa é pra tocar no rádio

"O povo tem o governo que merece."
Dito antigo, ao que me consta.


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